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The bathroom scales read 99.9kg this morning. That's the first time I've been under 100kg for a long time.

I always wondered how people managed to get really overweight... it seems to be something that creeps up while we look the other way.

I swore that when I bought some 40-inch waist trousers that would be it! Never again. Of course I failed to take action, and recently had to go for a 42-inch waist.

100kg was another of those 'alarm bell' limits... however, when I tried extreme minimalism a few years back the bathroom scales went out. Why would I need those anyway? (And when I did have them I would tend to obsess and get all kinds of unhealthy eating going on)...

With no way to measure myself, I had allowed my weight to slowly creep up and up, unmonitored. Obsession is bad, but so is avoidance.

I'm really pleased I decided to get my life back on track a few weeks ago - to be aware, to accept responsibility and to take action. I didn't do it for New Year (too easy to give up when you slip), just as a general intent and awareness exercise.

Thus far I haven't changed a huge amount in my lifestyle... I've reduced portions (often actually taking advice from the pack instead of piling three- to four-times the recommended amount onto the baking tray, plate or bowl.

I've stopped having any kind of take-away food delivery. That's been a big one for my weight and my bank balance. I was shocked when I learned that last year I had given Just Eat a total of £742.10 (£14.20 of that by the 7th of January)... this year, so far I have given them a big fat ZERO and intend to keep it that way.

I guess that giving up booze since October has helped as well. For starters beer isn't good for the gut. But the greasy kebab which follows is similarly treacherous.

But on the whole it's been the thought of the Bag of Coal I've been carrying up the climbing wall whenever I reach for a snack, a menu or a larger-than-necessary portion.

It's not time to get too excited but neither should I let a little winning milestone like 99.9kg go unrecognised.

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