Creative drought— Self-doubt? Or just time out?


The pendulum swings hard over to one side, then to the other. It is relentless, unstoppable, heavy, powerful. It is not about stopping the pendulum. It is about carrying on despite the swings.

I Am

I try very hard to be who I am. But with no “I am” no trying is needed. I am free to be who I have always been.

Supportive Friend

“I’ve got your back”, says the supportive friend, “I’m here for you, to champion you, to cheer for you, to raise a glass to your inevitable success.” “But only if”, she forgets to add, “it fits the narrow bounds of… read more»


I shake the snowglobe and the scene is lost among the swirling chaos. And as the snow slowly settles I can see clearly again. Clarity requires stillness— as with the snowglobe, as with life. But to leave the snowglobe unshaken… read more»

Advice For Life

The famous actor dishes out his advice for life. It takes me a while to realise that I am not that actor. I have my own desires, my own foolish vanities, my own addictions. Why would I want his? Perhaps… read more»

A Thousand Cars A Day

I watch as a thousand cars a day roll off the production line. A thousand cars. Four thousand wheels and tyres. Twenty thousand lamps. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of metal, plastic, glass. Every. Single. Day. And as I watch… read more»


I wonder if the rules we set ourselves are an excuse— a false sanctuary— protecting us from the difficult work, the messy work, the imperfect work of walking, vulnerable, into the wilds of our own emotional landscape.


How can I claim compassion when I eat death, wear death, wrap my cards and coins in death? Killed behind closed doors so I don’t see their struggle, so I don’t hear their screams. Killed behind closed doors by a… read more»


It used to be called ‘being a human.’ But now we have labels, conditions, disorders, so they can sell us solutions to problems we didn’t know we had.