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How To Never Be Wrong.

Here's something that came to me this morning. I wrote it on my Big Page Of Learnings™ in my journal:

You have the privilege of occupying a completely unique place in time and space. You can do whatever you wish from that place. And you can't be wrong for whatever you choose to do, or not do.

I was pondering the number of variables we have in our lives, and the continuum of our evolution along those lines.

For example, I am somewhere just past the dip of the dunning-kruger curve in my music. Likewise in my photography (not that I've picked up a camera for some eight years). I am at the peak of stupid confidence in my singing, but slowly dropping to the valley of despair as I listen back to myself and realise how little I know.

That's just three variables in three fields that I have chosen to pursue. How many people in the world are at the same level as me in all three of those variables? Not that many.

Now add my experiences from childhood. Now add my values. Now add my desires. And my boundaries.

Suddenly we're creating a completely unique individual the likes of which has never, and will never exist again.

That is incredible.

And we go through life thinking we have to lead it a certain way, but we really don't. Sure, some choices might make me happier or sadder, some might make me richer or poorer, some might make me smarter or stupider... but how am I to know what the outcome of my decisions may be?

Suppose I have to descend into total poverty in order to learn what I need to know in order to become truly wealthy. Suppose I have to reach the bottom of the pit of despair in order to learn what's really important and finally be content.

Maybe when we continue on the 'upward' trajectory we trap ourselves on a false summit that limits us hugely, and if we'd just have the courage to descend the mountain, there's another massive peak waiting for us on the other side of the valley.

Maybe. But we can't know that.

And so we make the best decisions with the information we have.

The key, for me is not to regret anything I have ever done or not done, and also not to berate myself (at the time, or in advance) for anything I choose to do, or not do.

Once I have accepted that I know almost nothing about anything then I can begin to be.

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