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Increasing Interaction With Food

I read a while ago—and unfortunately don't have sources now—that the amount of time we spend interacting with our food has been reducing and reducing over the years.

Early hunter-gatherers spent a huge proportion of their day finding and browsing on foods. But now we find ourselves (if we're not careful) throwing something in the microwave for three minutes and stuffing it down our throats while watching kittens on YouTube.

I've been redressing that balance somewhat, and it's been incredibly pleasurable... to take time and put attention into my food preparation. To take all raw ingredients and chop, dice, slice them into a pan. To nurture the pot as it's cooking.

Today I bulk-cooked an amazing Vegetable Dhansak that I make regularly. Two portions for my wife and I for dinner, and four for the freezer. (I'll post a recipe soon if I remember).

I swear that as the amount of time spent interacting with food decreases, so does the quality of the food. We start by cutting corners on the sauce and put our fresh ingredients into a preservative- and flavouring-laden jar of goop.

Then we get lazier and go for the ready meal. (I'm speaking for myself here, I'm not accusing you of anything!)

Then even lazier and we get a take-out delivered.

Fat and salt increase. Additives increase. Nutrition decreases.

Yes... I think I'll keep up this habit of spending much more time interacting with my food. I feel it could literally save my life.

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