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Mid-Life Crisis

I'm 47 and I'm having a mid-life crisis. Okay... I've been having one for the last few years. Okay... I've been having one since I was twenty and had to decide between becoming a professional juggler or a computer programmer (I chose the latter which was probably smart given the financial security I now enjoy, even if it meant losing my inner artist and passion for some forty years).

What struck me, though, is the term "Mid-Life Crisis". I see it as anything but. I see it as an evolution from work, earn, spend, repeat into a life of more meaning. I had been sold the whole story of "study hard, get a good job..." but I wasn't told what any of that was for.

And I think the term "Mid-Life Crisis" is cleverly constructed to keep people within the confines of The Matrix (you know, the insane societal construct that we have somehow built around us as the measure of 'success' and 'civility')

If we call it a 'crisis' and mock people for going through the process, it will help to keep more people prisoner in our system. They will continue to be 'good slaves' for longer. If we can keep them keeping up with the Joneses, buying our crap, borrowing money (if possible) to pay for it all then we'll do well. We must stamp on the free-thinkers who might convince people there's another way... that won't serve our ends at all.

The techno-industrial-capitalist system has a lot to answer for. It really doesn't want anyone to demonstrate that there could be a 'successful' way other than the one it promotes (and depends on to survive).

It's also clear that the pandemic response (lockdowns, working from home etc.) moved a lot of people into this phase of their life. Prematurely by all accounts. The government (in the UK at least) is experiencing a panic because so many people have decided that this work thing isn't really for them any more.

What if we normalised this very natural evolution?

What if we called it a "Mid-life Blossoming" or "Finally Getting It"?

I'm delighted that more and more people are seeing that this "system" isn't working. And they're discovering it much younger than the traditional age where a mid-life 'crisis' might kick in. I've seen talk of a "quarter-life crisis" to imbue the same shame onto younger people who are finally starting to see the truth.

For my part I'm going to be doing the following:

  • Have the courage to follow passion, values and meaning in my life.
  • Not apologise for any transformation that results.
  • Not succumb to guilt and shame meted out for any transformation that results.
  • Unconditionally support others undergoing the same transformation.
  • Talk about the subject to bring it to greater consciousness.

I am loving my mid-life crisis and I hope you can too (whatever your stage of life).

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