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My Analogue Desk

One of the best things I've done for myself recently is to buy a nice BIG desk. While I was minimising my life I also minimised my furniture. But it didn't work for me... I like to have my 'general' work zone (journal in front with laptop behind), but I also have peripheral pages, books and items that come in and out of relevance as I work, and to have space to push those to the side (almost out of sight) is invaluable.

But the huge benefit I didn't foresee is that the old desk has become my 'analogue desk'. While my 'digital desk' carries my laptop, camera, speakers and audio interface, the 'analogue desk' has only an A4 pad, candle, pen, ruler and my 'mint tea ritual' teapot and cup.

It's a wonderful place to write my morning pages every day. To get my anxious brain out onto paper before ever touching technology is a great, liberating feeling.

I am grateful for my accidental 'analogue desk'.

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