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My Phone is REALLY Boring...

In a bid to reduce my screen-time I have made my phone really boring. I want it to be a tool for communicating with people. Not a distraction. Not an addictive hook. Not something that taps into my psyche and draws my attention away from what's important in life.

I've done a few things... the first is to make the home screen boring with only the apps I need:

Stuart Carter

I've also made the unlocking mechanism harder... removed the thumb-print detector and added a pin which even needs one to click "OK" before going in.

Just that little resistance is enough to make me aware each time I pick it up that I'm potentially being distracted.

Of course, if I'm picking it up for a good reason, it doesn't make it too hard for me to unlock it... and it's actually incredibly easy to find the function I need, as you can tell.

And just in case, I also enabled the monochrome mode, so it doesn't even have any bright colours to entrance me when I do look at apps.

So far it's going well.

I like having a boring phone.

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