Stuart Carter

This is where everything goes that doesn’t fit one of my other projects.

Projects I’m currently into…

  • The Life Explorer : to inspire one million people to let go of their mental and emotional baggage and thrive as their authentic selves.
  • Old Fat Guy Climbs : paused for the moment.
  • Branding And Web Design for a Tech Consultant
  • Learning Irish Bouzouki
  • Things I am working on…

Things I’m Working On…

  1. Be kind to myself. While I have habits I’m working on, and values I’m getting more aligned with, I will be kind to myself when I don’t align.
  2. Don’t overthink. Thinking has proven to cause a good deal of dismay and hasn’t always led to better outcomes than merely using instinct. Overthinking is simply a ridiculous waste of time and energy.
  3. Grow in authenticity every day. Every day I am peeling back layers of conditioning and reactivity and discovering personal values, needs, desires and boundaries.
  4. Be kind. There is no need to be anything other than kind. However, that doesn’t mean compromising values, boundaries or identity.
  5. Explore courageously. I would say ‘fearlessly’ but that is an unrealistic ideal. No. We feel the fear. Then courage is what allows us to act, to surrender, to let go, to take the leap even though we can’t know or control the outcomes.

Get In Touch…

If you have something you think I’d be interested in (please, nothing generic or spam), you can get in touch quite easily… Simply email my first name at this domain and you’ll get through.

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